"Multimedia electronic classroom"provides users the more comfortable environment to study and teach.This systems is to provide a remote learning environment through computer network.This system has three component tools and they are "Super Share Browser", "Note Taking System", and "Audio conference".With these systems, users can attend the same class at the same time through Internet. Teachers can also teach students at different areas by these systems.

Component tools of Multimedia Electronic Classroom
        The system "Multimedia electronic classroom" contains the following tools

The User Interface of Multimedia Electronic Classroom

  1    Super Share Browser

  2    Audio conference

  3   Note Taking System


  4    Test Tool


1. A Generic Shared Window Architecture and Some Issues

2. An Application Recorder and Player

3. Window Application Share Framework

4. An Application Recorder and Player

5. The Application Sharing Technique and Its Utilization

6. The Application Movie Analysis and Its Implementation

7. The Implementation of an Application Sharing System

8. Design and Implementation of Important Applications in a Java-Based Multimedia Digital Classroom